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WOO X integrates with CoinRoutes



February 08, 2024

WOO X integrates with CoinRoutesWOO X today announced its integration with CoinRoutes, a leading provider of algorithmic trading strategies and developer of the patented, dynamic Smart Order Router.

The integration amplifies liquidity, trade execution, and market access for WOO X users while allowing CoinRoutes clients to experience superior execution and unrivaled transparency offered by WOO X.

Ben Yorke, WOO X VP of Ecosystem, said: “Our goal has always been to provide an institutional-grade trading platform for all users, regardless of their trading size. As we continue to gain traction among professional traders, fueled by the expertise of our founders who hail from Wall Street, it's only natural for us to align with partners who uphold similar standards. CoinRoutes shares this vision by pioneering innovations like their Smart Order Router, which is why we have chosen them as our partner."

CoinRoutes' CEO and Co-founder Ian Weisberger, commented: “At CoinRoutes, our mission is to lead the market in sourcing, collating, and curating the best liquidity on behalf of our institutional and professional trader clientele. We're delighted to expand our network of top-tier exchanges and liquidity providers by joining forces with WOO X, and contributing to improved profitability for our clients."

About WOO X WOO X, is an established centralised crypto futures and spot trading platform offering the best-in-class liquidity and price execution. WOO X has an average daily volume exceeding $600 million and is home to hundreds of thousands of traders worldwide. WOO X traders benefit from radical transparency through our Proof of Reserves & liabilities dashboard and the company's mission to maintain the trust of its growing community of professional traders. For more information, visit https://woo.org/blog

About CoinRoutes CoinRoutes is a best-in-class institutional-grade crypto trade Execution Management System (EMS). With CoinRoutes, you can achieve the best execution by trading on over 65 major CEXs, DEXs, and Liquidity Providers covering more than 3,000 assets (spot, perpetuals, futures) via a single API or our trading app. In a single order, you can trade across DeFi and CeFi, using CEXs, DEXs, and LPs.

Our system allows you to choose counterparties instantly and allows you to diversify your counterparty risk. CoinRoutes' patented distributed architecture allows our clients to keep control over their digital wallets and keys.

Our advanced algorithms, which include automated spread trading and multi-product trading in a single order, will achieve the lowest costs while minimizing market impact and filling orders faster to reduce slippage.

Additionally, our built-in transaction cost analysis (TCA) will help you evaluate your trading performance across our five benchmarks, including our proprietary Cost Calculator.CoinRoutes was founded in 2017 to handle the unique market structure of crypto assets by ex-Two Sigma, ITG, and Lava executives. To learn more, visit: coinroutes.com

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