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Why is the Bitcoin market still flat… | TWIC

Dave Weisberger

Dave Weisberger

January 09, 2023

In this first video of 2023, Dave discusses the following topics in the cryptocurrency industry: • The hash rate is at an all-time high and many long-term holders are holding on to their positions. • There has also been a liberalization of policies towards crypto in Hong Kong, and central banks are showing signs that they may be forced to adapt to the growing industry. • Dave argues that now is a good time to accumulate Bitcoin but not a good time to be a miner. • The SBF trial is approaching, and the situation is looking worse for SBF while the crypto industry as a whole is improving. • Latisha James is suing Alex Mashinsky, and Dave discusses the culture of compliance in crypto firms and principles to consider when choosing a company to invest with. • Finally, Dave gives his thoughts on the US bank Silvergate's troubles. Join us as we explore these important issues and if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more information about the latest news and analysis from the world of cryptocurrency and beyond.

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