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CoinRoutes partners with Coinbase International Exchange to improve institutional access to perpetual futures



April 30, 2024

CoinRoutes, a premier provider of algorithmic crypto trading strategies and a market leading OEMS platform, announced that it has established connectivity with Coinbase International Exchange, a licensed digital asset exchange.

This collaboration enables institutional traders in eligible jurisdictions to access the deep liquidity of Coinbase International Exchange using CoinRoutes' advanced execution algorithms and smart order routing strategies.The integration arrives amid a surge in trading volumes for crypto derivatives, with record highs observed on several exchanges recently.

CoinRoutes embeds a proprietary price-predictive signal in all algorithms, allowing traders to execute passively under normal conditions but flex to be aggressive or super passive during high volatility. Popular features allow traders to earn maker fees instead of paying taker, trade thin instruments without impact, track exchange volumes precisely, capture basis by spreading, perform delta-neutral portfolio hedging, and automate treasury management trades.

Ian Weisberger, CEO of CoinRoutes, commented: “After CoinRoutes executed a record $18B of notional volume for clients in March, we are thrilled to welcome Coinbase International Exchange to the CoinRoutes network, reinforcing our commitment to expanding access to the highest quality trading platforms.”

Michael Holstein, CRO of CoinRoutes, added: “This will greatly enhance liquidity, capital efficiency and counterparty risk mitigation for our clients who trade a combination of perpetual future instruments and spot crypto. Our partnership with Coinbase International Exchange provides traders with everything they need.”

Usman Naeem, CEO of Coinbase International Exchange, commented: “This integration marks another milestone in the ongoing global adoption of digital asset trading by institutional players. As we collaborate with CoinRoutes, we empower institutions worldwide with advanced tools and access to liquid markets, driving forward the evolution of the crypto economy.”

About Coinbase International Exchange Coinbase International Exchange is a licensed digital asset exchange that provides perpetual futures and spot trading for institutional clients in eligible jurisdictions and powers perpetual futures trading for eligible retail users on Coinbase Advanced.

As a regulated exchange, Coinbase International Exchange brings trust and security to global crypto markets and expands crypto derivatives access to institutions and professional traders with robust APIs, liquidity incentives for high volume users, and an expanding list of tradable assets.

About CoinRoutes CoinRoutes was built from the ground up to handle the unique market structure of crypto-assets as a leading provider of algorithmic trading strategies and execution management systems.

With CoinRoutes you can achieve best execution by trading on over 65 major CEXs, DEXs and Liquidity Providers covering more than 3,000 assets (spot, perpetuals, futures) via a single API or our trading app. In a single order you can trade across DeFi and CeFi, using CEXs, DEXs and LPs.

CoinRoutes’ patented distributed architecture allows our clients to keep control over their digital wallets and keys. Our advanced algorithms, that include automated spread trading and multi-product trading in a single order, will achieve the lowest costs while minimizing market impact and filling orders faster to reduce slippage. Additionally, our built-in transaction cost analysis (TCA) will help you evaluate your trading performance.

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